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Our Story

We believe that supporting a child’s inclination to learn new things aren’t “additional” or extra – they are essential to all-round development. Nurturing interests outside the world of academia equips children with essential life skills. We want the children who sign up for classes to find something that interests them, and wish to pursue it whole-heartedly.

Our Teaching Methodology

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  • Interactivity

    Ensuring hands-on, active participation & involvement of learners in problem resolution for enhancing interest, knowledge, understanding and long-term memory retention in learners.

  • Planning & Record Keeping

    Creation and implementation of customised instructional lesson plans to facilitate learning as per the child's pace, providing a better grasp and clarity in concepts.

  • Role Modeling

    Setting good examples for learners to follow, PikaPika instructors regard the learners with utmost respect as individuals through empathic listening, keen observation and effectively direct the learners' curiosity onto productive paths.

  • Observation skills

    Getting first-hand knowledge about the learners through their behavior, mind-set, attitude and interests, PikaPika teachers direct their instruction and progress it at the learner's pace, whether it be rapid or laid back

  • Lesson Delivery

    Keeping the pace of the lesson challenging yet do-able while being mindful of the learners' comfort level, the learners' comprehension is facilitated and the involvement grown

  • Activity-Based Teaching

    With greater emphasis laid on concepts through activities, learners' willingness and enthusiasm to internalize and implement concepts relevant to their needs shoots up due to their own investigation and analysis.


Meet The Team

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Chitranshu Mahant

IIT Delhi

Aman Gupta

IIT Delhi

Aman Verma

IIT Delhi

Pankaj Rawat

NIT Allahabad

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Teach With Us

We’re partnering with distinguished institutes, teachers, and artistes, world over, to help students excel in their chosen fields. Curriculum planning, course design, assignments, and revision material are strategically developed, with proven methods. Our educators are trained in delivering classes online, so students benefit from real-time interaction allowing for immediate feedback and personalised attention.

If our goals and approach resonate with you, come teach with us. We’re always open to experienced professionals keen to reach more students, and nurture learning


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