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Give Your Child an Extra Push this Summer

Equip Your Kids With Real Life Analytical Skills Through Chess, Rubik’s Cube And More.

  • Learn Real-life skills
  • India's top 1% of educators
  • Productive Summer
  • Certificate
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PikaPika Summer Camp offers a structured opportunity for kids to grow. It’s another unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent, self-confident and learn new skills. The primary purpose of our summer camp is to inherit kids with real-life skills like problem-solving, analytical, quantitative, self-control, awareness, and adaptability through our extracurricular activities. Through our camp kids truly understand the thought that goes into making a good decision and even discover a positive change in their thought process. Make this summer vacation fun and productive with PikaPika Classes.

  • image Four Weekly classes of 45-60 minutes
  • image At Least One Assignment Each Week
  • image Certification Examination On Level Completion

Our Courses

  • image24 live online classes with anytime doubt resolutions
  • image8 core course assignments
  • image4 real-life skill projects
  • imageCompletion certificate
  • imageTournament after the completion of the course
  • imageFree STEM kit after completion of camp for every student
  • image

    Improve your fingers dexterity and agility

  • image

    Mapping out your steps

  • image

    Keep your mind active

  • image

    Improves your speed

  • image

    Improve your memory

  • image

    Cube solving improves your patience

  • image

    Improving your problem-solving skills

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